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Pages: 175

Publisher: CLC Publications

Publish Date: 2001

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Colombian Jungle Escape

Ed and Doreen Dulka take turns writing chapters in this account of their time in Colombia. The first chapter opens with Ed's first trip up the Caño Ti river to the village that would become Nazareth, their mission post and home for some years. The chief of the village had become a Christian, and he made their work a little easier in the beginning. They thought they were making progress, until they went on furlough. When they returned, they found that most of the people had walked away from the Lord, and were also growing coca plants. They didn't realize the detriment of cocaine, they only knew that the men who bought the leaves paid well for them. The Lord worked in the hearts of the people, however, and eventually Nazareth hosted their own Bible conference for the other villages. Shortly after the conference, the communist guerillas paid the Dulkas a visit. No one was hurt, but when they left, the Dulkas cleared out in a hurry. They were just in time, for they heard the guerillas return and hunt for them. As they traveled down the river, the guerillas were close behind, but they made it Mitu, the nearest town, and took a plane back to the USA. On the plane with them was one of the communist scouts who had checked them out before the guerillas visited! There was no trouble, however, and they made it to safety. The Dulkas heard that the Christians they left behind have been faithful, even in the face of persecution and death, and the Dulka's burden is that people would pray for the young church on the Caño Ti.