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D.J. Dillon rescues a motherless bear cub which seems like a fun pet at first, but as the bear grows his love of city life constantly gets him into trouble that impacts D.J. The local bully, Nails Abst, claims the cub is his, and adds to D.J.'s troubles in trying to keep the bear. Through a series of hilarious misadventures, the cub helps himself to children's ice cream cones and grocery store items, causing damages for which D.J. is blamed. At the annual Labor Day picnic, the cub becomes such a nuisance that angry townspeople make D.J. aware that he must find a new home for the bear. But D.J. won't let the hard-hearted Nails have him. In this second book, an unusual situation helps resolve the bear and boy's problem while he learns that letting go of something you love is the hardest part of caring.
Number of Pages: 120