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Author: Lois Walfried Johnson

Pages: 117

Publisher: Mott Media

Publish Date: 2009

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Join Kate, Anders and Erick in the mystery of the - Vanishing Footprints. Kate walked three miles that cold January day to pick up her family's creamery check. Yet she found that all the checks from the Trade Lake Creamery had been stolen the night before. No check means no money at least for now. No money means big trouble, especially with Papa Nordstrom away for the winter at a northwest Wisconsin logging camp. When Kate, Anders, and Erik discover the stolen loot, it seems they'll soon solve the mystery. Instead, they plunge into even bigger problems. Whom can they trust? What hidden danger lurks in the darkness, just beyond the dim glow of a lantern? Who is threatening their lives, not once, but again and again? And what will happen to Lars, the younger stepbrother Kate has learned to love? A secret room becomes important, boot prints in the snow suddenly vanish, and every warning points toward danger! The thief appears and disappears. How can he be caught?