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The party game that encourages you to “seek the unique” – in a Bible version! Choose a card, roll a die to determine the key letter, and let the fun begin! For example, you roll a C and the topic is “Places Christ walked…” Try Capernaum. “Things that separate us from each other...” How about Carelessness? “A name for the Holy Spirit?..." Comforter! If you can’t think of an answer that starts with a c, write down any answer that fits the category, and you still score points if your answer is different from every other player. The player with the highest score after three rounds is the winner. Topics like “Things to forgive…” make great discussion starters! Game comes with 4 folders, 4 answer pads, 12 category list cards, letter die, timer, 4 pencils, and instructions. For 2 - 4 players or teams, ages 8 and up.