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Pages: 202

Publish Date: 2023

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Binding: Paperback


A Hindu guru teaches in a temple in India. Many people come to him to find inspiration and enlightenment. A sign that stands directly in front of the temple says, “Please leave your shoes and your mind outside.” The title of this book actually contradicts what many think about faith today. In their opinion, belief is for stupid, simple-minded, naive people who have switched their minds off. After reading the following 100 reasons, you will hopefully realize that this is far from the truth. Faith is not for victims of brainwashing— it is for everyone! Find out why!

Alexander Schneider, born in 1992, has left his secular job as a teacher, in order to carry out the Lord’s Great Commission, which is to preach the Gospel, the Good News, to all people. He has been involved in this in his home country Germany over a number of years, by especially working among Arabic refugees, party-goers, atheistic students and drug-addicts, as well as writing some evangelistic books. In 2021, the Lord called him (together with his wife Malena and their young children), to serve Him fulltime in Guyana in South-America, evangelizing Hindus and nominal Christians as well as edifying believers by preaching the Word of God. It is his heartfelt wish that more people might get saved until the Lord comes back!